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Conscience Creations

Interior design with psychology in mind - so you wake up on the "right side of the bed."

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We've received the Interior Design Business Process Professional (IDBPP) designation!

We're doing all we can to raise the bar on the interior design services industry & as such we've stepped up to showcase our dedication to providing you with the most professional & refined design business process possible.  We're so pleased to bring this next level of service to all our clients!



The understanding that one's environment directly influences one's behavior & wellbeing is a hallmark of why we do what we do.

A/Revelation designs is a Rocky Mountain based design firm providing boutique home design & commercial solutions to each client & every project.  From new builds & remodels, to refreshing furniture & décor, we offer comprehensive services and design ideas that resonate with your dreams & desires.

Capturing the essence of our clients (and the land on which their projects sit) allows for our authentic creation of your urban, mountain, desert, and/or ranch style to thrive.

We strive to make your environment a positive place to be while also keeping the natural environment at the forefront of our process – embodying conscience design from concept to completion.

Schedule a consultation with us today & experience the A/Revelation designs difference.

The A/R Experience = Project Sanity
  • Step 1 of The A/R Experience: A complementary consultation phone call.
  • Step 2: Let's learn & discuss your project and our process in detail.
  • Get professional ideas & feedback on your space with a 1:1 site visit.
  • Architectural plans drafted to represent your space & build a project.
  • Research & sourcing of furnishings to realize your personal style.
  • Bring your brand environment to life through expert retail mapping.
  • Ambient, Task, or Accent...we'll help you navigate the bright lights.